ToBiz Mobile Platform(TobizMP) is a mobile POS app designed to help business communities to generate tax invoice anytime, anywhere.

With ToBizMP, you can issue and edit your invoices at real time without depending much on your back office support.

Currently, TobizMP is available for use on Android v5.0 & above. Do not hesitate to test our ToBizMP on demo version; it’s absolutely free and without obligation.

Hand-written Invoice

GST registered company such as hardware shops, restaurants, mini markets, grocery and sundry shops, book stores, pharmacies and places of entertainment can continue to use hand-written invoice until the end of September 2015. On 1st October 2015, these businesses must use a GST compliant point of sale (POS) or cash register to issue tax invoices.
By using ToBizMP, it can ensure the business is in compliance with GST rule as format of tax invoice by SimplePOS contains all of the required information set by the authority.

Mobile Sales

ToBizMP helps your Mobile Sales representatives (i.e Salesman travel by lorry/van to dispatch goods) to issue invoice instantly by using smartphone, no network connection is required.
If you are selling products which quantity can only determine on the spot (like chicken, meat and seafood which is weighted at customer site), SimplePos can be use to generate invoice base on the onsite info. No backoffice support is required to issue the invoice and re-send to client based on order taken or delivery order.

Multiple Locations

ToBizMP is operated using cloud storage system. With internet connnection, your sales data from multiple location is accessable real time via PC, tablet or smartphone.

New Company

Reduce capital costs required for new business to have a POS system.

Monthly Statement for Payment Process

Invoice can be send to client via email or grant direct access to your client. No postage fee required for sending the statement to your client.

Low Capital Spending

Minimum upfront spending is required.

Simple and easy to use

Tools required are mainly smartphone and printer, it is simple and easy to operate.

Internet Access is not required for generating Invoice

Invoice can be generated offline, internet connection is only required when sync/access the data on the clould storage system.
ToBiz's ToBizMP is a mobile POS app that allows users to generate invoice anytime, anywhere. When you use this app on your phone, you can issue the invoice in easy and simple way. To help you get used to ToBizMP, Please Click here.